Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Waikiki is one of the best places to  be on Halloween.  Why, you ask?  Well it seems like the answer would be reasonably obvious - kickass costumes everywhere in perfect weather.

Sound like a perfect day?  Thought so.

Halloween weekend started off fantastically as there was a blacklight highlighter party at one of the 18+ nightclubs.  Sadly, Janelle wasn't with us for the weekened due to a field trip to the big island to look at some volcanoes and lava.  Ooooohhhhhhh.  But Kelsey and I thought of her as we cut up plain white t-shirts to make them look cuter than what they were.

We stayed until the club closed at two, drenched in sweat and tired from dancing, which means the night was a complete success.  Then we trekked 3.7 miles back to our dorm because the buses had stopped running and we were too cheap to catch a cab.  And these bars just shouldn't be so far away from campus in the first place.  What a hassle.  It took us about an hour and a half to make it home (for those of you keeping score, the time at this point is 3:30).  That was late enough for me.  I bid Friday adieu.

Saturday turned into a borderline shit-show when Kelsey and I ran all over kingdom come to find costumes.  We had thought about what we wanted to be for a few weeks, but enter some procrastination due to various reasons, leaving us with a few hours to figure out what we wanted to do.

We went to the party store where first of all took the bus forever to come and take us there, so that took an hour in itself.  Also, once we got to the party store, it was packed as sardines with people like us doing this Halloween business last minute.  More or less of an hour goes by, and eventually Kels and I decided that we didn't $50 costumes that 120.2 people are also going to be wearing and we wanted to do something original.

So we went to the mall and went into almost every store, and some stores multiple times.  We couldn't decide what we wanted to do.  Our goal was to come up with something creatively cheap, and our ideas shifted to everything from celebrities to tourists to hicks, punks, boys, ballerinas, precious metals, football players, hula dancers, and I'm probably forgetting a few.

Finally, we saw these hats that have animals on them, and we decide they are so incredibly stupid that they would be perfect to utilize for Halloween costumes.  Also, we were in the store Claire's which caters to 9-year-old girls wanting strawberry lip gloss and feather boa scarves.  Kels got a skunk hat, and I got a snow leopard.

Then we went to find dresses that matched our hats so we could be these ridiculous animals.  I found a cute dress that matched PERFECTLY and is acceptable wear for nights out on the town when I'm not trying to look ridiculous.  Kelsey, however, had no such luck, and decided she'd rather be Katy Perry instead.

By this time it's about 7 pm and we were missing out on festivities.  There was a giant block party in Chinatown we wanted to get to so we hurried up to get everything we needed, go back home and get ready, and finally go out.

By that time it was quarter after 9 and we heard Chinatown was dying down and ended at ten, so we decided to walk down the strip at Waikiki instead.  Not everyone was wearing costumes, but some people were so we felt less alone.  Tawni was working at Quicksilver at the time so we popped in to give her a visit (and a few laughs) before finally calling it quits and retreating back to the apartment, where we stayed up until 6 am watching movies with our favorite RAs once again.

I believe that's the third time we've done that.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, mostly an in-between day from the festivities so I could catch up on some homework and organize my life.

Monday.  Halloween.  Went to class and had a fairly normal morning/afternoon.  Saw a few people wearing costumes but nothing too crazy.  Halloween night is when everyone goes to downtown Waikiki and basically parades off their costumes down the crowded sidewalks.  I spent an hour dyeing Kelsey's hair blue to  be Katy Perry which turned out fanstastic in my opinion.  I was the snow leopard... or whatever I was, and Janelle was a football player.

We finished getting ready and headed for the bus which was not a well-thought-out plan because that's what everyone was doing and the buses were so packed and they weren't even stopping at the stops since they were at capacity.  So we called a cab and made it down there.

I had the most interesting hour of my time here in Hawaii walking down the street looking at every possible costume and laughing at the good ones.  Some were inappropriate, most were skanky, but all were in good fun.  Some people were drunk, some were not wearing costumes at all.  Some were even tourists that had decided to line the sidewalks and take pictures of anything and everything they could.

I hope I was in none of those pictures.

The best costumes of the night in my opinion were these two guys (I assume) that had managed to find huge turtle costumes, took their longboards, and paddled down the sidewalks on their stomachs as if they were swimming.  Good work, boys.

After walking down the strip we figured we might as well walk home since the weather was nice and we had nothing better to do.  Give people driving down the street something to laugh at.

This post is already too long, so I'm gonna end it right meow.

But not without a picture!
Ryan, me, Rob, Kels, Keith, and Janelle

Happy Halloween! Aloha!

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