Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 6: Diamond Head and Luau

I had class until 3:20 on this day, so I sent my family out to do Diamond Head crater.  I had already done it at the beginning of the semester and didn't necessarily need to do it again.  But everyone when they come to Waikiki must do the Diamond Head hike as a rite of passage of sorts.  It's not hard and has a pretty good view at the top, so basically it was worth it.

After class/Diamond Head, family picked me up and we got ready for the luau we signed up for that's put on by the hotel.  It consists of a fat buffet dinner and live entertainment on the roof, under the stars.  Everyone met at the designated location at the designated time, where a man with a conch shell and drum got everyone's attention, and a tiny hula woman got all the men's attention and led us to the entrance of the luau.

My family was the first in line (of course), but when we got to the booth to pick up our tickets, there was an issue (double of course, this seems to happen every time without fail).  Dad worked out the kinks just fine but we ended up being one of the last groups to enter the luau.  We were greeted by beefy Hawaiian men covered in tats and tiny hula ladies covered in pretty much nothing.  They gave us shell leis and we took a group picture and were then seated.

The luau overall was really cool.  The food was decent, but I tried everything I wanted to fit onto my plate, and dessert was good, too.  We all had 2 drink tickets we could use for anything frome pineapple juice to Mai Tais.  Dad had drank a few Michelobs before the luau began and used his 2 drink tickets on Mai Tais.  I decided to fuel the fire and give him my second ticket for a third Mai Tai to put him at a borderline drunken stage.  It was entertaining, and worth the sacrifice of my drink.

The performers were really good.  There were more than there were that perform on the Friday night performance, but I think most of the people were the same.  They did more dances and entertaining things.  Towards the end all the men came out with knives on fire and did a very thrilling routine with them.  I was completely entertained until the end of the show.

They brought this extremely willing man onto stage

Great outfits

Fire performance!

Afterwards, the performers lined up down the hallway where everyone exited.  This was for people who wanted to take pictures with the performers.  Both Sister and I took pictures with large men, and we made Parents take pictures as well.  That was entertaining in itself.
I wasn't kidding when I said they were large men

I love my dad so much
P.S. check out the fab shirt!

Parents with large man!
That was a great night of family and entertainment.

Sorry this post kinda sucks and lacks more enthusiastic content.  I just finished writing an 8-page paper and a 17-page set of microbiology lab write-ups.  Feel some compassion.


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