Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too Early for a Countdown? Never

I was going to post a countdown on Saturday because it was a great day to do it: one week since my parents left, three weeks until the marathon, and one month until I go home.  But Saturday came and went and so now I'm posting the countdown with oblong days and unnecessary-ness.  But I want to count down EVERYTHING.  So here goes:

6 more HAW100 classes
7 more MICR130 classes
5 more ANSC200 classes
6 more ANSC446 classes
6 more MICR140 classes

1 presentation
3 papers/reports
1 lab writeup
5 exams/finals

18 days until the marathon
24 days until I get my tattoo
27 days until I leave for home
28 days until I arrive home

That's really not a lot of counting down.  But it helped to get me a little more organized with life.  And helped to realize that time is going way too quickly.  But nevertheless, when the time comes to depart with this fabulous island, I believe I will be ready.

27 days to do everything I had planned.  Ready, set, go!


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