Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week/end # I've Lost Count: My Birthday!

These past few weeks have flown by.  I can't believe I've already been here a month and a half, and only have 2.5 months to go!

Last weekend (September 24-25) was not extremely chaotic.  Kelsey was away all weekend on a geology field trip to the big island to study volcanoes.  Friday Janelle and I heard about this fall festival that the RA's were putting on so we decided to check it out.  They had country line dancing, caramel apples, and a sad excuse of a "dunk tank".  There was a hula hoop on a rope thrown over a tree, and if you threw a football through the hoop after it had been spun around you got to dump a bucket of water on one of the RA's.  And of course I accomplished this.  First try.

After the fall fest a bunch of kids got together to play glow in the dark capture the flag.  Janelle and I got painted with glow in the dark paint and the "flag" was a glowstick.  The grass was really wet and everyone kept slipping and falling down and getting muddy.  It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Janelle and I then retreated back to our room to watch The Last Song and fall asleep.

Saturday we went to the 6pm football game vs. UC Davis.  We took the convenient shuttle over to the stadium since it's not on campus and tailgated in the parking lot until the game started.  By halftime we were absolutely murdering them so we took city buses and trekked back to campus.  Then we proceded to pass out.


Sunday we did absolutely nothing productive and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Onto my birthday weekend!
Well first, Annie's birthday.

I was so upset about missing my one and only sister's one and only 21st birthday.  I still am upset actually.  Hopefully we'll make up for it when she comes to visit me in a little over a month!  For her gift I got her a game called Sobriety Test, where you do all kinds of silly shenanigans in a not-so-sober manner.

Here's the link if you wanna check it out.

I also told Annie that when she comes to visit I'll buy her a shot glass from Hawaii (...because she collects them...) and something else she wants from here.  I try to be a good sister.  But she is a better one.  Yes I just admitted that.

Onto my birthday weekend!  Friday may have been the best day ever from a cumulation of reasons, the first one being that one of my two classes got canceled, I found out I aced my microbiology exam, and I was out of class by 10:15.  Hell. Yes.

Second reason for an awesome Friday: Gifts.  Duh.  After class I skyped Annie and opened the gift she got me which was this GORGEOUS bracelet.  I am in love with it.  Seriously going to wear it all the time.  She also got me yummy cocoa roast almonds and Dove milk chocolate.  So appreciated.

I also opened the gift my grandparents got me.  A really really pretty bracelet that they put a lot of thought into.  In the middle of the flower on the bracelet is the color of my star on the Cousin Tattoo.  How adorable, right?

My parents, as thoughtful and adorable as they are, sent me a GIANT Edible Arragement Friday afternoon that my 3 roommates and I still haven't finished.  On the phone my mom reminded me that I wanted one and they got it for my graduation party but I didn't get to eat any of it, which is good because that means all my guests loved it.  So now I get an entire one all to myself and my roommates.  Delish.

My grandmother on my dad's side sent me a lemon cake, as she does every year.  She also sent a matching hand-knit scarf and hat set.

I can't decide which gift was my favorite.

A group of us were planning on going cliff jumping after everyone got out of class, but by the time that happened we realized it would take too long to get there via The Bus and it'd be dark and that's dangerous.  So I went to Walmart while Kelsey and Janelle were off doing secret things for my birthday that I wasn't allowed to know about.

Since I was born Central Time, I decided my birthday started at 7pm here on the Island.... and lasted until midnight Saturday.  It's all right to tack on another 5 hours to a day, right?

3 hours after Kelsey and Janelle were done doing their secret mission, I was allowed to come back into the room.  We proceded to rock out to girl anthems (AKA Avril Lavigne) and munch on the Edible Arrangements.  Then we heard of a party our friends were having, so Kelsey and I decided to go.  Tawni came too and we had an absolute blast.  Many pictures were taken.  At midnight we all cheered and it was precious.

Friday night rocked.  Saturday morning?  Not so much.

It was the last day of my aquarium volunteer training class and I had to be there at 9am.  I had set the alarm on my phone, but it died in the middle of the night from all the texts I receieved for my birthday.  So I woke up at 8:18.  The girl that picks me up was going to be there between 8:20-8:25.  I booked it out and met her just in time.  Class was rough, I had a hard time staying awake.

Since it was the last day, it was kind of like "graduation".  Everyone got a certificate, and when I went up to get mine, the girl that takes me to class spilled that it was my birthday that day, so everyone was really excited about that.  The coordinators had brought champagne and a carrot cake to celebrate our graduation.  They made a toast to all the graduates, then everyone sang happy birthday to me.  They even had me cut the cate.  It was actually really cute.

After I got back from class, Kelsey, Janelle and I went to the beach and took fat naps for the better part of the afternoon undr a shady palm tree.

A group of us girls went out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Waikiki, and it was really nice.  It was also embarrassing when Kelsey told the waiter it was my birthday, he had me get up on stage and have everyone in the restaurant yell "Happy birthday!" at me.  But we got a free hot fudge sundae out of the whole thing, so I'm not complaining.

When we got back from dinner Kelsey and Janelle revealed the surprise they were working on for three hours the day before.  They had crafted a homemade ice cream cake with funfetti cake and all kinds of ice cream, plus oreos.  Most delicious thing to ever come across my tastebuds.  They were so awesome in helping make my birthday the best one I've ever spent away from home.  I love my roommates!

After the delicious cake was consumed, we went to another party our friends were having, which was appropriate because it was my birthday that night and another girl's birthday the next.  After a while, though, I was kind of partied-out (which I've realized is quite possible), so Kelsey suggested we go to the beach.  At midnight.  I was pumped about that.

Such a good decision.  The sky was so clear, there were no clouds and you could see all the stars.  I saw one of the dippers and Orion's belt... I think.  If I knew more about star constellations I probably could have picked out a lot more.  It was one of the most relaxing, peaceful hours of my life.  I want to spend all my evenings on the beach.  I decided that night that before I leave the island I want to actually camp out on the beach with nothing but a blanket and the sound of the waves crashing.

Then, like most other weekend nights here, we put on a romantic comedy and fell asleep.  Perfect ending to my birthday.

Sunday was sleep in/lounge around day.  It was also workout for 3 hours day from the weekend spent consuming cake and other unhealthy morsels.

Now back to regular life of classes and the beach.  Rough life.

On a more positive note, 364 more days until I turn 21!  Get psyched.


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