Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parents in T-Minus One Month

Warning: You do not have to read this.  Only read if you extremely bored and have nothing better to do with your time (which I'm assuming now is true because why else would you be here?)

So I just drank 5 glasses of orange juice at 11 at night and the sugar is running rampant through my veins right now and I want to blog about something instead of doing homework, but the problem is that I have nothing to blog about, so I thought long and hard about what would interest all my 2+ readers out there, and then it hit me that my parents will be here in exactly one month which I am very excited about because they are my parents and I love them and miss them and because they will be renting a car so I can abuse that for a week and also I just wanted to see if I could make the longest run-on sentence ever by using poor grammar and too many prepositions which makes me think of when I first learned about prepositions in my eighth grade English class and I remember watching that video called Grammar Rock I believe with the song about prepositions and ants marched along trees and at one point the song-singing man sang "over the raiiiiiiiinbow" and I thought that was really funny so now I'm going to try to find the video to post so you can watch it and laugh at the parts I just mentioned or think I'm a complete dumbass from being entertained by a video about grammar.

Yes I am a nerd.

My apologies for making the longest run-on sentence ever.  But it was kind of fun.

And here's the video:

Now I have several options concerning what I can do with my time.
1) Go to sleep.  It's eleven, and past my bedtime (which is usually at 10)
2) Be productive and get homework done
3) Jam with Kelsey to classic music like Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
4) Learn to french braid my hair
5) Clean my room
6) Keep thinking of things to add to this list
7) Do an ab workout
8) Count to 1000 in spanish
9) Think about what I'm doing with my life
10) Take hilariously embarrassing pictures of myself
11) Calculate the number of hours until my parents arrive on the island
12) Read my novel
13) Write my own novel
14) Drink a sixth glass of orange juice
15) Kill time on Stumbleupon
16) See if Allie or Adam updated their blogs recently (hyperboleandahalf and booksofadam)
17) End this list on an awful number
18) Think of two more things to get this list up to a nice multiple of 5
19) Write down all of my mannerisms that fall under the category of obsessive-compulsive
20) Creep on Facebook

Wow I'm really surprised I thought of creeping on Facebook last.  It's probably because I'm doing that anyway.  24/7 I creep.

Today Google posed some problems for me that I am still not sure how I got around.  Something about my portal account whatever won't let me use blogger?  So I couldn't sign in to write this post for like 1/2 hour because I am technilogically illiterate.  I don't know how I finally managed to sign in but I did so if I don't post in a while blame it on Google and their attempts to take over the world.

No but seriously.

Now I've just realized that this post really has nothing to do with my parents coming to see me.  I may want to retitle this blog post to Please Don't Read Because it is Pointless.

Fun fact of the day though.  I learned my last name is old German and means "spring".  Didn't know that before.  I feel like I've discovered something about myself today and am hereby changed.  Too radical?  Thought so.

In other news: This weekend is pretty unpredictable and could get routy.  First, Kelsey's friends from school are visiting at the end of this week, so we'll probably do a bunch of cool things that even after a month and a half I still haven't done (like cliff jumping).  Secondly, its Rachel's birthday and she's turning 21 and who knows how that's going to end.  We're thinking boat ride??  This weekend should be an anything goes/do as much as possible/hang out with anyone and everyone/have a good time.

I'm going to feel like a Lame-o when I sit around and do nothing productive this weekend.

Remeber Rocket Power, anyone?

Okay my computer is overheating now.  I swear this thing has neverending problems.  I literally just had the motherboard replaced on this  thing 2 weeks ago.  I need people who know about computers.  The heat radiating from my computer is probably a sign that I should end this post and turn this bad Johnny off.


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