Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend #4: Chill With a Side of Ambulance

Doesn't the title make you really want to read this going-to-be-boring post?

Thought so.

Friday the roommates and I went to the Waikiki Aquarium.  Ever since I started my volunteer training the roomies have wanted to check it out and I need to spend as much time there as possible considering I know absolutely nothing about sea life.  Came back, had dinner, made plans for the rest of the night.

Kelsey and I went to hang out with some newfound friends at their place.  That was fine, met some new people, all that fun jazz.  We were supposed to go downtown to get our dance on but we hit a roadblock: a drunken kid at the bus stop.  He was passed out in the grass next to the stop with his two "friends" trying to wake him up.  Notice the use of quotations.  They were on their way to go get tattoos and piercings (#1: classy, #2: not gonna happen).  This kid was gone.  I would have thought he was dead, had I not seen him breathing.  The one friend was freaking out and trying to slap him in the face to wake up.  I asked if they were going to be able to take him back to his place by themselves, to which they responded that they were still going to catch the bus.  And leave him there.

Que Kelsey to switch into RA mode.  She rolled the poor kid onto his side and we called campus security.  The bus came and all the kids that were waiting there (who could not have cared less about the poor guy) left.  The two friends of the kid surprisingly ended up staying.  Campus police came and assessed the situation before calling for an ambulance.  Nobody could get the kid to wake up for more than a few seconds before collapsing to the ground again.  An ambulance eventually got there and Drunkard and the Faux Friends left.

At that point Kelsey and I had given up on the night and retreated to our beds.

Saturday morning I had orientation for the aquarium until noon.  The roommates all had their own plans for the day, so I had the day to myself to lay out on the beach and get some homework done.  After an afternoon of peace and tanning (and perhaps a bit of academic success) I went home and waited for everyone to come back and tell stories about their days.  We're such a cute little family.

Then we stayed in the rest of the night and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.  'Cause that nanny is the shit.

Sunday (today) we went to Ala Moana to get our shop on.  We also made a trip to Walmart to finally get a bathmat after almost four weeks of a wet bathroom floor.  That's everything eventful that happened today.

Wow this post (ergo this weekend) was pretty uneventful.  But sometimes chill weekends are needed.  I'm saving up my energy for when my birthday's here in less than three weeks.  Wa-hoo!

Tomorrow I'm going to the post office to mail my coconut.  Live in anticipation for like three weeks, parents, 'cause it's not going to get there soon.

The postal system does a sucky job sending packages to the island.  I've been waiting about 3 weeks for several packages.  Lame.

Since this is such a boring post, enjoy this picture of a sea turtle that I Googled.


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