Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hatin' on the Postal Service

Come on, mailmen (and/or mailadies).

Or the postal system in general.  Probably that more than the employees themselves.

I got a lovely letter from my grandparents a few weeks ago, and in the letter they wrote "enjoy the package we sent!".  I am assuming that they sent the letter and package at the same time.  Let me know if I am jumping to unrealistic conclusions.

Yes, I got this letter a good two weeks ago.
No, my package has not come in yet.

I am compulsively checking my mailbox at least four times a day, even though I know those lazy RA's don't sort the mail until 9 o'clock at night.

Not knowing what's in that package is driving me nuts.

But I think I may have an idea what it is.  Cereal.  Yum yum.  The grandparents asked if I needed anything, and that was my response.  I'm gonna be friggen pumped if I get oodles of cereal from them.  I could live off the stuff.

I also ordered a Vera Bradley item online a few weeks ago.  Probably a few days before I got the letter from my grandparents.  Of course this still has yet to come in as well.

Parents, take note.  I hope you already sent me my birthday gift so I'll receive it around my birthday, or at least before Halloween (hopefully).

Geez Louise.
Aloha =/

UPDATE: I was going to add more to this and post it later, but never got around to it.  Then of course on Friday both my packages came in.  Almost three weeks later.  And like I thought, cereal from the grandparents, along with a few boxes of granola bars.  You guys are the best =]  Although the package looked like it had been kicked to shit and beaten with a few Bludgers.  So I'm going to post this anyway, even though it seems a bit irrelevant now.

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