Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For my Major

I'm not sure if I mentioned this in another post before and I'm too lazy to go back and look if I have so I'll just say (maybe again) that I was thinking about volunteering at the Waikiki Aquarium while I'm here to get some experience with marine life and have a resume booster.  I think I've already decided I'm not so fond of marine life in general, but maybe working with them will make me feel a little more at ease around them.  Plus I don't want to give up the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer (which will actually never happen and I may have to make my peace with that at some point in my life).

But anyway.  My training program starts tomorrow!  Eek!  I'm actually really excited.  I am training to be a docent, which I'm not really sure what the word actually means, but I'd give presentations to little kids in a classroom-like setting and teach them all about sea life and the aquarium and yada yada yada.

But now I'm looking at the actual volunteer days and times, and I have class during every volunteer shift, which is bad news bears.  I looked to make sure I could make all the training days, but I hadn't looked that far ahead yet.  Whoops.  I'll figure everything out with my coordinator tomorrow at the first meeting.

On another note (which I already may have said as well), I found the Humane Society of Honolulu and it's actually really close to my building.  I signed up to volunteer there, but the soonest training day was like mid-November which is forever and a half away.  Then I looked at the surgical assitant volunteer days and they have billions (maybe I'm exaggerating) of open days.  So I emailed the volunteer lady asking if there was something I could do to start volunteering right away as opposed to waiting until November, and she said there was a program going on right now where they're microchipping all the animals and need help filing everything and doing clerical work and stuff like that, which I'm really excited about.  So hopefully that works out for me too.

It's not all about beaches and sunshine here in Hawaii, it's about work too!

I didn't want to post this in my week-long post because that was already too long so I just made it separate.  And that's why you get two posts on the same day.  And I'm going to bed now.


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