Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Roommate Crisis

I may look back on this a few weeks from now and laugh at the silliness and level of which I'm currently freaking out at right now, but there's been a bit of a problem... Tawni and I are not roommates.

You'd think when you requested a person to be your roommate, they'd follow through with your desires.  Guess not.

We perfectly coordinated our housing applications, and after an INTENSE session of freaking out when neither of us got the dorm we both applied for, we calmed down to see that we had both been put in the same building.  If they put us both in the same building we're for sure roommates.

Sanity restored.


I looked this morning and saw that Tawni Lynn Ricketts is, in fact, NOT my roommate.  You'd think Hawaii could it together and cooperate with roommate requests.  Is it really that big of an issue?  We're in the same building for Lord's Sake.  If I wasn't about to be living in paradise, I'd be absolutely livid.  Fortunately, one of the girls in my ASH program who I semi-know is one of my roommates, and that makes life a little better.

I believe there's a period of time where if students are unhappy with their living situations, they may request a room change.  I feel this needs to be done, I was so stoked to actually be living with @ShakeUrTawnTawn.  Let's make this happen.

Aloha. Grrrrrr.

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