Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Weekend in December... or Something

So this is all out of order now.  I'm not really sure where to start on this one.  With finals coming up and me getting excited about going home, these past few days have been a whirlwind, to say the least.

And I'm sure the madness will just keep increasing.

So.... the other weekend.  Not sure which one so don't even ask.  You don't even care which day was which so everybody wins.  Maybe it was last weekend?

Anyway.  So Friday I got done with class at 10, went to the beach and played sand volleyball with some colorful characters ALL AFTERNOON.  It was heavenly.  I really enjoyed myself, and realized how much I missed volleyball and team sports in general.  Cannot wait to get back to Illinois and start back up with club softball again!

After volleyball, my friend Erin and I decided to go on a "booze cruise", which is exactly what it sounds like: all you can drink mai tais on a sunset catamaran for an hour.  It was really interesting.  A whole mess of vacationers were on the boat too, and it made for an eventful hour.  Plus, watching the sunset over the ocean whilst in the ocean was a crazy cool view.  I'm glad I'm not blind.  But I wish I had brought my camera with me.

But here's a picture I stole from Facebook of Erin and I:

The sunset hadn't really kicked in at that point, but it's the best I got.

I pride myself on great grammar.

Saturday the roommates and I went to the football game since it was the last one of the season, and it was senior day, although the latter fact had nothing to do with why we went.  Because we don't know any seniors.  Or anyone on the football team for that matter...

That was about it for Saturday.  Damn my weekends got progressively much more interesting as this semester droned on...

Sunday I slept.  All.  Day.  Long.  I was supposed to be productive and write papers and study and all that jazz.  Didn't happen.  Whoops.

That's really all I have to say about this weekend.  I feel like I'm missing a weekend somewhere, but let's be honest, I probably didn't do anything spectacular.

Marathon training update:  Hadn't run from Thanksgiving until This past Monday.  I'm a champ.  I have decided I hate running, or training when I'm not in the mood.  So we'll see how this marathon goes.  It's in 3 effing days.

Plus!  Pipemasters is happening right now!  Which is the big surf competition that all the important people go to!  Tawni is going up to the north shore tonight, but I have a mandatory meeting in the morning for my ASH program =/  Not okay.  I might go up to the north shore afterwards and stay all day, but I'm supposed to be getting a good night's sleep Friday night for the marathon on Sunday.

I really want to start packing.

Also, nothing get's me more excited than Christmas music and thinking about packing to go home.

Sorry this was such a lame post.  I'm just spewing out facts with no commentary.

It smells like cookies right now.  Which is a good change from the constant smell of MARIJUANA.  Seriously.  It's not okay.  Sorry if that frightened you, family (mainly those who have authority over me).  But rest assured that I have not partaken (partook??? wtf is the word?!!!) in any of these shenanigans.

I guess this is post about me having ADD and typing whatever comes to mind.

Okay I'm done.


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